Life Lessons from Moana

The most important thing I learned in 2017 can best be summarized in a song lyric from the movie Moana. Yes, you read that correctly. As a father of a five year old daughter, that movie played in our home on repeat for nearly six months, and the soundtrack even worked its way into our cars. But this one lyric seemed to deeply resonate with the season of life I found myself in. “You can find happiness right where you are.”

It’s not that I was unhappy in my situation in 2017, but rather I uncovered a deeper purpose in my life, a calling if you will. It is a calling to help bring the best out of others, and in turn, myself. I became nervous and anxious that this calling would pull me away from the role that I love so much in my company. But what I realized is that this work is needed right where I am and that it is actually the perfect place to practice it, with my peers and with those that I know and love.

You see, it is highly unlikely that you will find the perfect job in your life. To do so would require you to have known exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up, allowing you to take all of the proper pre-requisites and to be enrolled in the right courses at the right institutions. And if all of that happened for you then you could pop out the other side hopeful for employment in a competitive field. You may be required to make huge shifts and sacrifices to achieve your dream, like moving away from friends and loved ones. If we’re being honest, that’s just not realistic for the majority of us. If you are anything like me, fate led you right to where you are today. And yet each of us has a purpose and a dream, one that we should pursue with unyielding commitment.

So the question is, can you pursue your passion right where you are, and in doing so, find happiness right where you are? For me the answer was yes. My hope for you all is that you find the same for yourselves in 2018.


5 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Moana

  1. I have to thank you, and give you tons of love. You’ve opened my eyes and my heart, changed the way of my life, the way of my thinking. I owe my future to you man.
    Love you!

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